Quaterra Resources Announces Positive Assay Results at MacArthur Copper Project, Nevada and Potential for Resource Expansion

October 6, 2021, Vancouver, British Columbia — Quaterra Resources Inc. (the “Company”) (TSX-V: QTA) (OTCQB: QTRRF) today announced positive results from a ten-hole core drilling program totaling 5,147 feet (1,569 meters) that was recently completed. The ten-hole program was designed to assess the likelihood that further drilling would upgrade portions of the resource from Inferred to Indicated and expand the overall size of the current resource. Mr. Travis Naugle, CEO states “we believe that additional drilling could accomplish these exciting objectives” These results are further discussed below and outlined in Table 1 below.

Three holes (QM-319, QM-320, and QM-328) were drilled on the north to northwestern edge of the current resource. Each hole intersected oxide and chalcocite mineralization. Significant intercepts include drill hole QM-320 (31.1 m @ 0.58% Cu, including 22.6 m @ 0.70% Cu); QM-328 (23.5 m @ 0.44% Cu); and QM-319 (10.8 m @ 0.14% Cu). Each drill hole contains additional acid soluble copper intercept (Table 1).

Holes QM-326 and QM-327, drilled on the southern edge of the current oxide resource (Figure 1), each intersected near surface oxide mineralization. Significant intercepts include 6.7 m @ 0.27% Cu and 7.3 m @ 0.70% copper from QM-326 and QM-327, respectively. Both holes also indicate the potential for additional oxide resource expansion to the south and southeast (Figure 2).

Drill holes QM-321 and QM-322 were drilled on the south/southeastern edge of the current oxide resource. Both drill holes intersected near surface oxide mineralization; QM-321 intersected 13.7 m @ 0.17% copper and QM-322 intersected 31.1 m @ 0.11% Cu. Both drill holes also indicate the potential for an additional oxide resource to the south. In addition, QM-322 was collared on a legacy MacArthur sub-grade stockpile, from which 12.3 m @ 0.13% copper was identified. The MacArthur sub-grade stockpile has not previously been sampled but based on these results, the Company may consider evaluating it for additional resource potential.

It is expected that the above results could increase the resource (Figure 2) and upgrade a portion of the current resource from inferred to measured/indicated status. The MacArthur resource estimate is in the process of being updated by Independent Mining Consultants (IMC); it is expected to be completed before the end of 2021.

Two additional drill holes (QM-323 and QM-324) were drilled to explore for additional oxide resource farther east and infill from previous oxide intercepts in this area. Each drill hole identified short, scattered oxide intercepts, and identified additional chalcocite and chalcopyrite mineralization. QM-323 includes 24.4 m @ 0.20% copper in the form of chalcopyrite and QM-324 includes 9.8 m @ 0.39% copper in the form of chalcocite and chalcopyrite. Please see Table 1 for additional intercepts. The potential for additional drilling in this area is under further evaluation.

Drill holes QM-319 and QM-320 were drilled to depths of 243.8 m and 362.3 m, respectively, to test under-drilled induced polarization geophysical anomalies. Both drill holes intersected zones of primary mineralization, occurring as wispy quartz-sericite-biotite-sulfide veinlets/vein haloes, which are commonly associated with porphyry-style mineralization in the Yerington District. These two drill holes provide important guidance for primary sulfide drilling in future programs.

Drill Hole From (feet) To          (feet) Interval (feet) Interval (meters) %               TCu Mineralization Type
HOLE QM-319 136 171.5 35.5 10.8 0.14 oxide
221 269 48 14.6 0.13 chalcocite
HOLE QM-320 62 115 53 16.2 0.17 oxide
203.5 241 37.5 11.4 0.29 oxide & chalcocite
272 378.5 106.5 32.5 0.58 oxide & chalcocite
includes 301 375 74 22.6 0.70 oxide & chalcocite
955 1027 72 21.9 0.11 chalcopyrite
HOLE QM-321 50 95 45 13.7 0.17 oxide
135.5 166.5 31 9.4 0.19 oxide
HOLE QM-322 11.5 40.5 29 8.8 0.13 MacArthur dump oxide
338 450 112 34.1 0.11 oxide
HOLE QM-323 255 272.6 17.6 5.4 0.32 chalcopyrite
332.5 343.5 11 3.4 0.24 chalcopyrite
353.5 376 22.5 6.9 0.11 chalcopyrite
399 479 80 24.4 0.20 chalcopyrite
HOLE QM-324 218 250 32 9.8 0.39 chalcocite & chalcopyrite
264.5 275 10.5 3.2 0.20 chalcocite
HOLE QM-326 17 39 22 6.7 0.27 oxide
159 190.5 31.5 9.6 0.11 oxide
312 327.5 15.5 4.7 0.19 chalcopyrite
364 375 11 3.4 0.19 chalcopyrite
HOLE QM-327 18.5 42.5 24 7.3 0.70 oxide
96 128.5 32.5 9.9 0.13 oxide
234.5 260 25.5 7.8 0.22 oxide
HOLE QM-328 194 271 77 23.5 0.44 chalcocite
*Drill intercepts are based on actual core lengths and may not reflect the true width of mineralization


Quality Assurance and Control

All drilling described is from core, contracted to National EWP, Elko, Nevada. Core samples were either sawed or split by SPS personnel in Yerington, Nevada and shipped to Skyline Assayers and Laboratories in Tucson, Arizona for sample preparation. Copper analyses were assayed using their “SEA-Cu” (total copper) “SEACuSEQ” (sequential copper leach) procedure with a 50 ppm detection limit. Commercially prepared standards and blanks are inserted by SPS at 50-foot intervals to insure precision of results as a quality control measure. SPS has a chain of custody program to ensure sample security during all stages of sample collection, cutting, shipping, and storage.

Technical information in this news release was approved by Thomas Patton, Chairman to the Company and a qualified person as defined in NI 43-101.

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