“Preserving our history while planning our future.”

That’s the motto of Yerington, Nevada, and it is a fitting one at that. After all, Yerington has a rich history in the Silver State.

From the very beginning, Yerington was committed to transforming the valley into a land of opportunity. Around 1871, a small community formed along the trail running through the valley, one made up of cowboys, farmers and optimistic pioneers looking for a fresh start.

On April 1, 1894, the rough and tumble community was officially named Yerington in honor of a prominent Nevadan of the times – Henry M. Yerington, Superintendent of the Virginia and Truckee Railroad from 1868-1910. In these early days, citizens were hopeful that the town would feel a boom if only H.M. Yerington and the powers that be would agree to extend a rail line through the valley.

But alas, the line never came to be, and so the people of Yerington sought opportunities through agriculture, commerce and, of course, mining.

As the years rolled on, Yerington saw large-scale production mines move into the valley and surrounding hills, finding rich deposits of copper, among other metals. As the 1970’s arrived, however, these mining camps closed. Luckily the rich pastures and farmlands continued to keep the small town moving forward into the 21st century.

Today, new hope arises in Yerington, as the once-dormant mines are again buzzing with activity. This time, it’s mining exploration being conducted by a number of companies, including Quaterra Resources, Inc.

Through thick and thin, Yerington has persevered, always with a respect for the past and an eye on the future.